Congratulations to Michelle Patterson - the 18+ Category winner of the 2021 National Tree Day Photo Competition with 'Reflection'.

Congratulations to Marleigh Smith - the 17 Years and Under Category winner of the 2021 National Tree Day Photo Competition with 'Black and White Clusters of Trees'.

Thank you to everyone who entered this year to showcase how they connect with nature. We look forward to seeing what the community has to offer in 2022.

'Reflection' by Michelle Patterson

'Reflection' by Michelle Patterson

'Black and White Clusters of Trees' by Marleigh Smith

'Black and White Clusters of Trees' by Marleigh Smith


National Tree Day was co-founded in 1996 by Planet Ark and Olivia Newton-John, and is the largest community tree planting and nature protection event in Australia.

This year Council invites our community to join our National Tree Day celebrations and tree planting activities on Sunday, 1 August 2021 at Cashin Park, Tannum Sands. RSVP by using the form below.

As part of this year's activities, Council also invites our community to share their thoughts and experiences with our planting initiatives and provide suggestion for future events such as this, as well as a photo competition.

Participate for your chance to win. For 18+ Years go in the running to win $330 value photo shoot (from Photopia) including five digital prints at Tondoon Botanic Gardens of the winner and their family and for 17 Years & Under enter for your chance to win a $150 gift voucher to spend at a Australia Geographic store.


The RSVP closed at 12:30pm Friday 30th July.

If you missed out on registering for and you wish to attend one of these time slots (below) please attend the National Tree Planting Day at Cashin Park, Tannum Sands to speak to our Council Staff. There are limited spots available.

Times available for attendance are; 10:30am to 11am & 11am to 11:30am. Please undertsand that we cannot ensure these times will be available when you arrive on site.

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How can we make NTD 2022 better?

Share your ideas for next year's National Tree Day Activities. (max 140 characters).

1 August, 2021

Pepper11 says:

“Plant more bush tucker/ medical or fruiting trees ?”

20 July, 2021

marialynch says:

“Can other places in the Gladstone district be involved for next year? i.e Agnes Water - Discovery Coast. ”

16 July, 2021

shellandkane says:

“Share event with forgotten communities. care to connect rural residents and help them improve their area and own acerages for the planet”

School Packs Registration

School Packs Registration

Schools can obtain a pack from Tondoon Botanic Gardens which includes plants and a care pack.

Redgister your interst below.