What is the project?

Council is developing a Gladstone Region Active Transport Plan which will prioritise our future work to improve our region's extensive network of footpaths, shared pathways, and cycleways.

Our region’s active transport network connects the community to services, provides recreational options, increases access for those with mobility issues and promotes healthy lifestyle options to improve our health.

The Plan will support the Gladstone Region Transport Strategy’s goal of a ’one-network approach’ throughout the region while aligning with strategies from other levels of government and industry to provide a continuous and seamless experiences for network users.

Project Goals

Understand what the community values in the network so guide Council's focus for future work.

Ask the community where they would like to see improvements and/or expansion of the network into the future.

Align Council's strategic approach with other network owners within the region and supercede previous strategies.

What decision will be made?

What is the latest update on the project?

Community engagement is open and aims to understand how the community uses the existing active transport network, what they value in the network and where they'd like to see improvements into the future.

Engagement closes 21 July 2023.

The next step will be developing the Plan, guided by the community's feedback, before it is presented to Council for final endorsement.


How can I join the conversation?

1) Complete our survey below

2) Use our interactive map

3) Visit a pop-up stall

*Unfortunately, this event was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

** This event was originally scheduled for Wednesday 26 June.