Agnes Water to Baffle Creek Link Road Project

A single connectivity route between Agnes Water and south eastern communities has been identified by the community as a potential risk during emergency events. The community has also identified that economic growth would be supported by a second alternate route between the two centres, with Agnes Water becoming the preferred destination for services. Members of the community have approached Council with a potential solution being a link road between Agnes Water and Baffle Creek.

Council have investigated the feasibility of a new link road and concept designs have been prepared for five possible alignments, please see below further details and the concept map with the designs.

Council are now undertaking community engagement to assist in the decision making regarding the future of the project.

Explore the Concept Plan

Click on the Concept Map (below) to read about the options available.

  • All road options will have significant environmental impact in an environmentally sensitive area
  • Additional easements and land acquisitions will be required for all road options.
  • It has been noted that there may be negative economic impacts on the Baffle Creek area if a road were to be constructed due to the improved convenience of Agnes Water for Deepwater residents. There may be some positive economic benefit to the communities during the construction phase of the project with approximately 123 jobs being supported during this time. It has been found that a link road is unable to demonstrate significant or lasting economic benefits to the Discovery Coast Area.
  • Accessibility during wet weather will be lower for all road options in comparison to the existing Round Hill Road due to lower topography of road
  • There is an existing track that approx. follow the alignment of Option 2. This existing track is not open to public due to the proximity to Council sewage treatment infrastructure and lack of gazetted road, a public safety concern.
  • The track is accessible for emergency services to use for firefighting and fire prevention activities.
  • In the event of a disaster, this track could be opened and residents could be evacuated via this track by a convoy.

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