Project Overview

Council has been investigating a potential redesign/upgrade of the Agnes Water Skate Park, to gauge the possibilities of increasing recreational experiences for residents, skate park users and visitors to the region.

Please note Council makes no commitment to construct at this stage.

Status Update

Thank you to the community for their valuable participation in the project.

Our skate park consultant has provided a final Concept Design based on the wide array of feedback from key stakeholders and the broader Agnes Water community.

The project team are now developing a Detailed Design based on the final Concept Design.

While Council has still not made any commitment to construct this upgrade, we will begin to actively seek funding once the Detailed Design is complete.

We will continue to provide updates to the Conversations project page as the process progresses.

Final Concept Design

Final Concept Design

Phase 1

In April 2022, we engaged with the community to understand their preferences regarding the functionality of the skate park, to help make the best decisions regarding the development of Concept Designs for the potential upgrade.

We took this feedback and in collaboration with a skate park consultant, a series of designs were developed ranging from beginner to intermediate level, up to advanced level inclusions, with bowls, ramps and street runs.

The designs also incorporated user requirements, additional safety aspects, as well as the wants and needs of the community.

Phase 2

In August 2022, the Concept Designs were shared with the community to seek feedback on the layouts and to determine what their favourite design inclusions were.

This additional feedback was returned to our skate park consultant to develop a final Concept Design which could then be used as the basis of a Detailed Design.

Close the Loop - Phase 2

Close the Loop - Phase 2

Close the Loop - Phase 2

Concept Designs

Concept Design 1

Design 1 Overview

Concept Design 2

Design 2 - Overview

Concept Design 3

Design 3 - Overview

Survey - Phase 2

Close the Loop - Phase 1

Close the Loop - Phase 1

Close the Loop - Phase 1

Survey - Phase 1