The vision for the Art of the Ashes project is to create public artworks influenced by locals in the areas of our region recently affected by bushfires:

  • Deepwater
  • Baffle Creek
  • Rules Beach
  • Mount Maria
  • Lowmead
  • Mount Larcom

Local artist Jen Hollstein has been selected as the artist for this project and will host a series of collaborative workshops across the regional community, giving residents the opportunity to share stories and create designs that illustrate their relationship with Country and culture.

This information will be gathered to form public artworks which will be used and displayed in multiple ways around the region, empowering each community with their own visual representation of identity which will, in turn, increase the resilience of each community and offer an enriched context when it comes to tourism.

Visit our Gladstone Regional Art Gallery Museum - Art of the Ashes Project.

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30 minutes timeslot are available with the artist, or you can drop into the workshop at any time (small waits may apply).

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