Community Development Strategy 2020-2025

Gladstone Regional Council is developing a Community Development Strategy to guide future community development activities in the region. The five year Community Development Strategy will be developed from research and the engagement of stakeholders and the community. It will consider community needs now and into the future. The Strategy will guide the operations of Council in relation to aspects of community development such as social priorities, programs, facilities, networks and partnerships.

During February and March Council sought input from the people of the Gladstone Region, organisations and associations to help guide the development of the Community Development Strategy.

We are now analysing the feedback received from the community.You can check out some of the responses we received below.

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Complete Snapshots

Council values your input on the development of their Community Development Strategy and have identified nine (9) key areas that may be of interest to different community members.

Click on the areas that interest you below to have your say:

Active Communities

Arts and Culture

Diverse Communities



Health, Wellbeing and Safety



Life Long Learning

Project Timeline

  • Timeline item 1

    10 February 2020

    Project Launch

  • Timeline item 2

    February - March 2020

    Undertake community consultation activities

  • Timeline item 3

    April 2020

    Analyse and report on consultation feedback

  • Timeline item 4

    May 2020

    Develop draft Community Development Strategy document

  • Timeline item 5

    May - June 2020

    Public review and comment period

  • Timeline item 6

    July 2020

    Council approval of final Community Development Strategy and Action Plan

    Implementation of Strategy and Action Plan

Community Development Strategy Community Reference Group

As part of our community engagement a Community Reference Panel was assembled to discuss the Community Development Strategy, the priorities, and assist in shaping the final document. With access to experienced staff, the participants will work together to explore and create a vision for community development in the region. Participants will be attending six 2 hour meetings which are scheduled for:

  • 3 March (12pm to 2pm) Gladstone
  • 18 March (12pm to 2pm) Miriam Vale
  • 1 April (12pm to 2pm) Mount Larcom
  • 15 April (12pm to 2pm) Boyne Island
  • 29 April (12pm to 2pm) Gladstone
  • 13 May (12pm to 2pm) Gladstone

Focus Groups

Focus group sessions have also been held as opportunities to meet with other interested people to hear about the project, learn about some of the research outcomes so far and contribute ideas about how to strengthen the community.

Three focus group sessions were held in different locations throughout the region:

• Mount Larcom Focus Group, Tuesday, 25 February 10am-noon, Mt Larcom Public Hall

• Boyne Valley Focus Group, Wednesday, 26 February 10am-noon, Boyne Valley Builyan Hall

• Agnes Water Focus Group, Thursday, 27 February 10am-noon, Agnes Water Community Centre (Meeting Room)