Gladstone Regional Council is hosting an information session on 9 October to promote recent Invitations to Tender for a range of Construction Trade Services panels. The intent of the information session is to ensure business owners and managers are given an opportunity to receive guidance to submit complete and conforming offers to Council for the following Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers (RPQS)

The RPQS panels to be established are:

    • RPQS 83-21 Trade Services (Building)
    • RPQS 84-21 Trade Services (Concreting)
    • RPQS 85-21 Trade Services (Electrical)
    • RPQS 86-21 Trade Services (Plumbing)
    • RPQS 87-21 Trade Services (Welding)

    RPQS panels will be established to make purchases of services under $200,000 ex GST more efficient for businesses and Council, while still ensuring good governance, transparency and accountability from Council.

    Council is seeking attendance from business owners and managers who deliver these services to ensure tender requirements are well understood and submitted offers are conforming.

    Session Details

    Time: 2-4pm

    Date: Friday, 9 October 2020

    Venue: Hall A, Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre

    Must RSVP by 6 October.

    This information session will provide detailed information on the tendering process and will be filmed and made available online after the session.

    Council officers will be available to answer questions about the tender process and assist with lodgement enquiries. Participants will also be able to submit queries with their RSVP, which will be addressed during the session.

    Council is encouraging local providers to tender their services.

    Construction Trades Tender Information Session

    Video Timestamps & Topics

    00:00 Introduction

    00:32 All enquiries to contracts@gladstone.qld.gov.au

    01:16 Purpose of meeting

    03:22 Online portal - LG tender box lgtenderbox.com.au

    04:28 Online portal TIPS

    05:21 RPQS Overview (Register of Pre-Qualified Suppliers)

    08:37 Safety Requirements overview

    10:20 Will GRC approve/oversee JSAs or SWMSs?

    11:11 The Agreement

    13:24 Safety Laws and Legislative Requirements

    13:49 Subcontracting

    15:19 Departures from the Agreement

    16:43 Departures from Mandatory requirements

    20:39 Big and Small Contractors on the Panel

    12:56 High Level Contractors vs Low Level

    27:33 Beacon Online Portal

    30:12 The Offer Requirements

    50:55 QBCC Licence Question

    52:18 Will tenderers be advised if successful or not

    53:36 Pricing Schedule - Assessing unrealistic tenders

    54:58 Departures from Mandatory requirements

    59:34 Are additional licences necessary

    1:00:58 Pricing per unit

    1:03:13 Disqualifying Conduct Assessment of Tenderer’s Offers

    1:06:16 Evaluation criteria

    1:07:12 Contracts Process

    1:08:42 Foreign Owned Companies Question

    1:11:04 Register on LG Tender Box lgtenderbox.com.au and Vendor Panel vendorpanel.com.au

    34:04 Section 3.1 Tenderer’s Checklist and Authorisation

    35:40 Section 3.2 Tenderer’s Acknowledgement

    36:14 Section 3.4 Business Information

    39:40 Section 3.5 Tenderer Financial information

    40:05 Section 3.6 Insurances

    40:25 Section 3.7 Business Licences

    41:13 Section 3.8 Workplace Health and Safety

    43:22 Section 3.9 Environment

    43:32 Section 3.10 Key Personnel and Resourcing

    44:47 Attachment 3 Proposed Resourcing Plan

    45:43 Section 3.11 Relative Experience and Trade References

    47:29 Section 3.12 Service Capabilities

    47:37 Section 3.13 Proposed Departures from ITT

    48:13 Section 3.14 Fee Proposal and Attachment 1 Branch Office Evidence

    49:24 Work Health and Safety Supporting Documentation

    49:46 Capability Matrix

    49:57 Pricing Schedule

    Submitting an Offer

    A full list of anticipated services to be included in each RPQS arrangement is provided in the Invitations to Tender (ITT), which are accessible at:


    Businesses wishing to provide an offer must respond to the relevant ITT on the LG Tender Box website by 2pm (AEST) Tuesday, 3 November 2020.