The Gladstone Region community will have an opportunity to share their waste management practices and preferences, in this way guiding the development of alternatives to operationalise Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) collection and Council’s waste management processes, such as how food and organic wastes could be collected.

Community members will be able to participate by completing short surveys, attending our open-houses and pop-ups and asking questions about recycling, FOGO and waste management in general. This will guide the consultant review of waste management and resource recovery opportunities for the Gladstone Region.

Further feedback will be sought from community focusing on investigating community support for proposed alternatives to FOGO and recycling in the Region.

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23 November, 2021

karen_dexter says:

“Has council considered investing in micro factories for recycling - Growth/employment/economic opportunities through industry partnerships”

23 November, 2021

Anonymous says:

“I don't particularly want to pay for bins. Would pay to replace if needed.”

18 November, 2021

Anonymous says:

“Personally I would love a green bin that gets collected every fortnight like recycling.”

17 November, 2021

pete_bren says:

“Having a FOGO bin would be useful, especially since we have large trees around our property that drop leaves several times a year. ”

5 November, 2021

BobtheBinChicken says:

“Can we please have a green waste bin added to our general and recycling bins. The rates we pay are more than enough to cover this service!”

4 November, 2021

KerylM says:

“We teach our kids to separate cans/bottles, paper and food. We'd love a green waste bin & the recycling bin collected weekly.”

3 November, 2021

SarahE says:

“Looking forward to seeing the results!”

1 November, 2021

jmlowe says:

“I would love to see Council implement a recyclable waste strategy which would see our green and food waste generated into soil for purchase”

1 November, 2021

agabriel says:

“I would be keen to see community garden projects & Council initiatives that promote communal composting, education and awareness. ”

1 November, 2021

RichardHaward says:

“Bring on the green bin service to our region - it will be a great initiative that I would like to support”

1 November, 2021

MichelleM says:

“People have forgotten how to compost, recycle and grow food. Maybe a community garden where this can help people better educate themselves.”

1 November, 2021

jane_borg says:

“I try not to create waste, using reusable bags to buy food from the supermarket & composting all food & green waste on my property.”