Project Status

Council has adopted the Technical Feasibility Assessment Report and Business Case for the potential redevelopment of the Harvey Road Sports and Events Precinct.

The redevelopment includes Marley Brown Oval, the junior rugby league fields and the touch football fields, and aims to deliver the Gladstone Region with a year-round, multi-purpose precinct with broadcasting capabilities.

This redevelopment will help attract large scale events to the region as the precinct would be suitable for national, state and regional games and carnivals as well as large outdoor events with a crowd capacity of up to 10,000 people.

This large-scale social infrastructure project will improve the liveability and attractiveness of the Gladstone Region and enhance Central Queensland’s rugby league heartland status. The precinct will also continue to support grassroots local and regional sports participation and accommodate local day-to-day use.

As a long-term vision which is subject to funding, the aim of this redevelopment is to future proof our region for sporting growth and recreational activities for generations to come.

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Next Steps

  • Inform stakeholders of the outcomes of the Business Case and associated technical studies undertaken
  • Maintain the project as a strategic priority for Council and continue to seek opportunities for external funding


Following the successful hosting of a mid-season NRL game in April 2018, Council announced intentions to investigate options to upgrade Marley Brown Oval. With the event quickly selling out, it became clear that Gladstone has the potential to attract more than the current venue's 5,200-person capacity.