Project Overview

The redevelopment of the Gladstone Coal Exporters Sports Complex aims to provide Gladstone with a major sports and event stadium suitable for national sporting games and large outdoor events. The redevelopment potentially includes Marley Brown Oval, the junior rugby league fields and touch football fields.

Following the successful hosting of a mid-season NRL game, between the Gold Coast Titans and Manly Sea Eagles, back in April 2019 Council’s intentions to upgrade Marley Brown Oval were announced. With tickets selling out quickly it was apparent that Gladstone could easily attract many more than the current venue’s 5,200-person capacity.

Focus for the project includes extensive stakeholder engagement and ensuring the complex is designed and functional for both every day and large event use. This includes the routine use of the fit-for-purpose facility by local existing users, as well as flexibility of design and maintenance to allow for large sporting matches and events.

Redevelopment of the facility will help in attracting large scale events to the Gladstone and Central Queensland region, whilst providing stimulation to the local economy and enhancement to our region’s economic prosperity and diversity.

The Gladstone Coal Exporters Sports Complex Project will enhance Central Queensland’s rugby league heartland status while supporting grass roots local and regional rugby league participation.

Next Steps

The next steps for the project include the preparation of revised concept plans and development of a business case to consider whole-of-life costs, risks, benefits and options prior to seeking funding and development of the project.

Stakeholder engagement with facility users is a major component of the business case and explores how day-to-day facility use can align with major event transition.

Feasibility will also be a major aspect for the successful advancement of the project. Financial investment and funding is still required to bring the project to a shovel ready state.