Engagement Overview

This Community Engagement will provide an opportunity for the Gladstone Region community to shape the Economic Development Strategy, outlining Regional economic development strengths, challenges and opportunities. The results of this engagement will help us improve our Economic Development Strategy 2021-2025 and guide Council's role as a facilitator and enabler of economic development. The draft strategy will be presented for feedback in June2021.

Community members were able to participate by completing the Economic Development Strategy community survey and/ or attend a workshop in their area.

Engagement Results

Graphic summarising engagement results 19 Oct/ 22 Nov  - 130 survey responses


  • 75% considered the natural environment a strength or great strength
  • 66% considered the port infrastructure a strength or great strength
  • 65% considered our major industry a great strength
  • 48% perceived the availability of industrial land as a strength or great strength
  • 47% perceived tourism offer as a strength or great strength
  • 42% considered our location in CQ as a strength or great strength
  • 41% rated our workforce as a strength or great strength.


  • 75% identified health and community services and facilities as a challenge or great challenge. This topic received the lowest score of all topics.
  • 67% identified the retail sector as a challenge or great challenge.
  • 50% consider local job availability a challenge or great challenge.
  • 49% perceived the capability of small and medium businesses as a challenge or great challenge

Council’s role as a facilitator and enabler of Economic Development

  • 62% consider Council’s main role to be sourcing State and Federal Government funding for major projects.
  • 55% believe Council’s role to be providing local social services and facilities.
  • 52% believe Council has a role in supporting small businesses.
  • 52% believe Council should play a role as an advocate to State and Federal Governments on key issues.

Project Background

Council developed a previous strategy Economic Development Strategy in 2015. Since then, particularly in there have been significant changes in the local, state, national and global economic context.

Gladstone Regional Council has commissioned consultants SC Lennon & Associates to prepare the Gladstone Region Economic Development Strategy 2021-2025. The strategy, which will establish a new vision and framework for promoting and facilitating economic development, will focus on the things that can help stimulate, attract and maintain business activity, investment and employment. Regional in focus, the strategy will determine priority programs, projects and initiatives to support and facilitate opportunities for the economic benefit of all local communities.