Project Overview

The Jumpstart our City Heart Urban Renewal Strategy was created to guide future development and new social, economic and environmental opportunities for Gladstone’s Central Business District (CBD).

Its vision is The Gladstone CBD is a vibrant City Heart destination, playing and learning from its unique heritage to allow dynamic opportunities for residential living, active business uses, engaging entertainment and cultural activity for all.

The Key objectives of the Strategy are to encourage urban renewal and the revitalisation of the city centre by:

  1. Re-establishing Goondoon Street as Gladstone’s main street by improving economic and development opportunities within the CBD.
  2. Creating a unique identity for the CBD and achieving a sense of arrival.
  3. Recognising the city’s heritage as an important asset and improving the quality of public spaces and streets.
  4. Creating a CBD destination that provides entertainment for the entire Gladstone region.
  5. Investigating alternative transport options for ease of access into and throughout the CBD.
  6. Converting grey space to green space and improving connectivity to active open spaces.
  7. Preparing an Implementation Plan with clear actions and direction to support the strategy over the next 10 years.