Sub-ordinate Local Law 2011

About this notice

Council at its General Meeting on the 3 May 2022 considered a report proposing minor amendments to Subordinate Local Law No. 5 (Parking) 2011. The subordinate local law allows Council to:

  1. Establish traffic areas and off-street regulated parking;
  2. Issue parking permits; and
  3. Issue fines for minor parking offences.

Proposed changes

The proposed changes are summarised below and are contained in Parking (Amendment) Subordinate Local Law (No.1) 2022.

1. The areas below are proposed to be included as off-street regulated parking for the purposes of monitoring disabled parking and other minor parking offences:

  • Philip Street Communities and Families Precinct Carpark
  • Boyne Tannum Community Centre under building Carpark
  • Marley Brown Oval Carpark
  • Carpark at 20 Bramston Street Gladstone
  • Carpark at 37 Tank Street Gladstone.

2. It is proposed to Increase fines associated with unauthorised parking in disabled parking spaces and stopping in areas that represent a risk to public safety, namely stopping on continuous yellow lines and in areas where ‘no stopping’ signs apply.

3. To include new fine codes to allow the public to more easily identify which parking offence applies.

4. Update the off-street regulated parking area for Gladstone Airport to take in areas proposed to be developed for parking in the foreseeable future.