Community members were invited to share their user experience with us regarding road connections in the New Auckland area.

This feedback will allow Council to benchmark this feedback against previous data to support informed planning for the area in the future.

This engagement has now closed. Results will be available in late April.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


New Auckland has experienced high levels of growth, with a number of subdivisions containing hundreds of residential properties and several commercial developments being constructed in the southern sections of the area. This has seen an increase in traffic in the area with reports of congestion and restrictions.

Currently, the suburb has two direct road connections and one indirect road connection to the surrounding suburbs.

The two direct road connections are Dawson Highway via Penda Avenue and Kirkwood Road via Kakadu Way, while the indirect road connection is Lavendar Boulevard via the Skyline Drive underpass and Dixon Drive.

Council is currently undertaking community engagement to understand the user experience on these roads. This research will be used to support decision regarding future planning.