The Philip Street Communities and Families Precinct

The Precinct is located at Lot 7 Philip Street, West Gladstone.

The Precinct forms part of the approved overall master plan for Lot 7 which includes:

  • Community Services Precinct
  • Mixed Density Residential Precinct
  • Environmental/Conservation Precinct
  • Hillside Residential Precinct
  • Mixed Use Precinct.

Building Names

Gladstone Regional Council has engaged Traditional Owners to help in naming precinct buildings in alignments with Council’s Reconciliation Action Plan, while acknowledging their connection to the land. Through this process words were selected to reflect the services delivered in each of the buildings. Traditional language was provided by the Traditional Owners of the region; Byellee, Gooreng Goreng and Guran. The fourth Traditional Owner Group, Taribelang Bunda, did not wish to participate as their country is predominantly in the Bundaberg Region.

For the Gladstone Regional Council Community and Neighbourhood Centre building the name Ngallil (nar-lee-ill) was selected, meaning 'all of us' in the Gurang language.

For the Salvation Army Building the name Gumar (goo-mar) was selected, meaning 'shield' in the Byellee language.

And for the Communities for Children Building the name Nutchee, (na-chee) was selected, meaning 'family' in the Gooreng Gooreng language.

Philip St Communities & Families Precinct

Philip St Communities & Families Precinct

Map outlining lot 7 Philip Street

Map of the Area

Approved Precinct Site Plan

Approved Precinct Site Plan