Where to From Here

Through the initial engagement regarding the Recreational Vehicle Project the community identified 5 priority locations, Gladstone, Agnes Water, 1770, Gladstone and Tannum Sands. Engagement respondents were predominantly local residents or rate payers, 57%, and noted RV Parking as a requirement for the Region. Other services and facilities to support RVs which were noted included water facilities, signage and dump points. Councils role was identified as a provider. All results from this engagement, earlier and future engagement will be taken in to consideration throughout the planning to support an RV Friendly Region. Council will ensure that the plan reflects our communities needs, whilst increasing RV travel to our Region.

Engagement Results

  • 57 per cent of respondents were residents or rate payers in the Gladstone Region.
  • Most respondents, with 92 per cent, feel there is a need for Recreational Vehicle Parking in the region.
  • The respondents, with 62 per cent, felt that Council should be Providers of Recreational Vehicle parking.

Project Overview

Council is committed to supporting and enabling the growth and prosperity of our region.

One of the key growth areas for tourism in the Gladstone Region is the Recreational Vehicle (RV) market, based on current and projected growth of the market in Australia.

In 2019 Council developed the Gladstone Region Recreational Vehicle Strategy to support the Gladstone Region Visitor Economy Strategy.

Council is currently undertaking engagement to understand the communities needs and expectations regarding RV friendly parking in the region, which will inform future planning. This will help us determine if there is a need for parking and where the community and RV tourists believe the parking is best situated.

This will enable Council to make an informed decision regarding how to progress this topic with both the interest of our community and tourists in mind.