Project Overview

The purpose of the project is to engage the community in the development of Councils Strategic Road Hierarchy Policy, service standards and highlight any areas of concern in relation to Councils Road network. The engagement will help shape standards of new roads built in and around new sub divisions, as well as provide a guide to undertake remedial works on the existing road network.

The objective for the Community Engagement is to find out the communities’ thoughts on areas of concern on the road network and specification for some of the road classifications within the Gladstone Region. It is anticipated that the community engagement will take place in phased process with the first phase commencing in November 2019.

Footpath Considerations

Imagine you are moving into a new residential estate. Would you prefer footpaths along the street or grass verges?
  1. Main Streets #
  2. School #
  3. Park #
  4. Local Shops/Service/Facilities #
  5. Place of Worship #
Local Shops/Services/Facilities
Place of Worship
What is your reason for wanting a footpath available as indicated above?
An Access Place is a Cul-De-Sac. Do you believe an Acess Place should have:
Access Streets get you from Collector Streets to Cul-De-Sacs. Do you believe Access Streets should have:
Collector Streets take you between suburbs. Do you believe Collector Streets should have:
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Street Parking Considerations

Council currently allows for a minimum 8m road width. This allows for the follow configurations:

A) Cars travelling at a maximum speed of 50km/h with the ability for two cars to drive down the road (with cars parked on one side of the road)


B) Cars travelling at a maximum speed of 40km/h with staggered parking on both sides of the road. This allows for two-way traffic to travel down the road (which will require giving way to opposing traffic)

Noting above, which option do you prefer?
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The survey form is now closed. Thanks for your contributions.