What is water to you?

Gladstone Regional Council sought resident’s involvement in the “What is water to you?” survey to allow Council to better understand how the community uses and values water. The findings from this engagement will contribute to the long-term planning of Council’s water assets.

This was an exercise to help Council to understand the community’s water usage and the community’s appetite for future water reduction, regardless of climatic conditions such as drought. Council is now working hard to evaluate the important information received from the community.Watch this page for results of the survey!

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Do you have Council water supply?
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How often do you water your lawn?
How often do you water your garden?
When do you water outdoors?
How long do you water outside for (e.g. hose/ sprinkler)?
Do you wash your vehicle at home?
When cleaning outdoors, do you use a hose?
How long, on average, do you shower for?
Do you turn off the tap while brushing your teeth?
Do you turn your dishwasher and/or washing machine on when it has a full load?
What do you do if you notice a leaking tap in your house?
Do you try to purchase water saving appliances (e.g. water efficient washing machine) if applicable and available?
Are you conscious about conserving water in your day to day life?
Do we need to look after our water resources (e.g. dams, groundwater) to ensure the sustainability of future generations?
Have you heard of Gladstone Regional Council's Water Wise campaign?

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