Archived Project History

The following information refers to the overview of the Agnes Water Beach Visitor Carpark when this project was first launched in July 2020. Throughout this project significant changes, including the consideration of community feedback, have been made to this overview. The current project information can be found on the project home page.

Original Project Overview

Gladstone Regional Council has been successful in obtaining Works for Queensland (W4Q) and Transport and Tourism Connections (TTC) funding for the construction of the overflow carpark located at 5 Agnes Street and alter the existing on-street parking along Jeffery Court, Agnes Water.

The works will provide an additional 90 car parks to the area and provide footpath access to Tom Jeffery Park from the amended angled car parking along Jeffery Court.

The works at 5 Agnes Street will require substantial earthworks to fill the site to allow for appropriate drainage of the carpark. This means that Council will be taking the unfortunate but necessary action of removing the existing trees from the site. As part of Council's commitment to preserving green spaces and flora, we will be planting new trees in the area that will grow and provide shade to the carpark.

Further environmental initiatives have been incorporated into the design to minimise potential environmental impacts, including:

  • Low glow solar lighting to reduce potential effects on turtles and other fauna in the region
  • Water sensitive designed devices to reduce stormwater runoff, improve stormwater quality and prolong landscape life
  • Planting of native trees and shrubs to encourage native fauna and retain the natural aesthetic of the area
  • Underground stormwater retention to ensure minimal change to the peak stormwater discharge