Gladstone Regional Council has proposed to construct a public car park on Council’s land at 5 Agnes Street and alter the existing on-street parking along Jeffery Court, Agnes Water. The proposal is to provide increased parking to:

  • alleviate current congestion and provide for current and future needs for visitors to the beach and surrounding businesses
  • improve visitor experience
  • improve safety and environmental outcomes for the site

On 1 December 2020 Council approved a material change of use for the land to enable a carpark to be constructed on conditions contained in the Decision Notice (detailed design would need to be completed and operational works approval granted before construction). The approved Concept Design can be found here.

The proposed car park would allow 73 car parking spaces. This would require filling of the open stormwater drains on the land, resulting in 7 to 10 trees being required to be removed. Council would plant replacement native trees and shrubs within the site. The proposed concept design also incorporates stormwater management and environmental management processes.There are no works proposed within adjacent Beachouses Estate and the pond will not be drained.

In January 2021 two submitters lodged an appeal in the Planning & Environment Court seeking the development approval be set aside and the Court refuse the development. Further information is available here.

The Development approval will only take effect if the Court makes an order confirming approval (either by agreement between the parties or after a hearing).The parties have engaged experts to provide reports in the appeal, following which there will be opportunity for mediation between the parties.

Prior to the appeal, Council obtained approval for Works for Queensland (W4Q) funding in relation to the 5 Agnes Street Overflow Carpark component of the Project conditional on construction being completed and the funding acquitted by 30 June 2021. Due to the Planning & Environment Court appeal, these conditions were unable to be met by 30 June 2021, so rather than withdraw the funding the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning agreed to re-direct Works for Queensland (W4Q) funding to the Captain Cook Drive roadworks.

The Transport and Tourism Connections (TTC) funding, proudly supplied by the Queensland Government, being additional funding approved for the construction of the overflow carpark at 5 Agnes Street has been extended until 30 June 2023 pending the outcome of the Planning & Environment Court appeal.

If approval is confirmed, the project would be subject to detailed design, obtaining additional funding and operational works approval.

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