New Update - Artistic impressions of the carpark

1 December 2021

The proposed Agnes Water Beach Visitor Carpark improvement aims to provide beachgoers with safer and more convenient access to the popular beach, help to ease congestion on the road and better care for the surrounding environment.

Before - Drone view: The carpark aerial view currently After - Drone view: Drone impression of the Agnes Water Beach Visitor Carpark
Before - Streetscape view : Before - Streetscape view from the carpark After - Streetscape view: After - Streetscape view from the carpark

Indicative design render of proposed carpark, which includes 73 car parking spaces, landscaping both within the carpark and surrounding and stormwater and environmental management processes to better manage the site and surrounding environment.

Key benefits

  • Provide local residents and visitors with safer, and increased, accessibility to the beach
  • Reduce the roadside parking impacts and increase safety along both Agnes Street and Jeffery Court
  • Reduce the burden on parking spaces in nearby Endeavour Plaza shopping precinct.