Project Status

On 15 March 2022, Council, at its General Meeting adopted the Concept Design proposed for the Boyne Tannum Aquatic Recreation Centre (BTARC).

The Concept Design focuses on providing a facility that can meet both current and future aquatic recreation needs of the Boyne/Tannum community. The aquatic centre will be located on Council’s preferred site at Lot 900, Coronation Drive, Tannum Sands.

The year-round, multi-use facility will service a diverse group of users, attract economic opportunities and enhance the health and fitness, recreational, tourism and visitor experiences in the region.

The Concept Design includes:

  • FINA standard, 8 lane 50 metre outdoor heated pool with bulkhead
  • Distinct recreational zone with a twin waterslide attraction
  • Kiosk and general amenities, green space with shaded turf seating areas and spectator embankment
  • All abilities access (pool ramp) and pool shading for sun safety and comfort
  • Carparking and landscaping.

The next stage of the project development is to complete the design phase (detailed design) and obtain the relevant statutory approvals. On completion of this work, Council will proceed to consider its final investment decision on the project.

Concept Design Images

Next Steps

Council will:

  • Inform community of Concept Design outcomes.
  • Proceed to complete detailed designs and submit a Material Change of Use Development Application.
  • On completion of this work, determine a final investment decision to deliver the project.

Acknowledging the significant cost of construction, Council is considering various options to fund the delivery of this project. This includes continued advocacy to secure external capital investment.

Read more about a funding commitment here.


Access to a public swimming pool has been identified as one of the highest priority social infrastructure needs for the Boyne Island and Tannum Sands community. The closest public swimming pool is a minimum 25 minutes’ drive to Gladstone. With an unfavourable distance of travel and limited public transport between the urban centres, equitable access to a public swimming pool continues to be an ongoing disadvantage for a community that has a higher composition of families with children, youth, and a projected population growth.

There is continued advocacy for this project within the community and sentiment remains firm and passionate towards a local pool being an important place to socially connect, recreate, build fitness, learn, and have fun.

In March 2018, Council resolved to consider options for an aquatic recreation centre to service the Boyne Island and Tannum Sands area.

Community consultation was undertaken to help shape the Boyne Tannum Aquatic Centre Recreation Feasibility Study which was adopted by Council in January 2019.

In June 2020, after further community consultation and input, a site selection process was undertaken and Council selected Lot 900, Coronation Drive in Tannum Sands as the preferred site.

In January 2021, Council engaged consultancy group GHD to review the 2020 preliminary Master Plan and develop Concept Design options for an aquatic recreation facility.

Private Aquatic Centre Development - Boyne Island

On 1 March 2022, development approval (with conditions) was granted to a private aquatic centre development for Boyne Island (DA/24/2021), with a subsequent negotiated notice of decision approved on 5 July 2022.

In May 2022, the developer submitted a draft proposal package for Council to provide feedback on whether enough information had been provided across all matters relevant for Council to consider the opportunity to be the Tenant of their facility.

On 15 August 2022, Council received the formal proposal package and has initiated plans to undertake the formal assessment process. The outcomes of the assessment will be presented to Council for consideration at a future General Meeting.

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