Project Status

Council is currently progressing development of Detailed Designs and the preparation of documents suitable for construction stage procurement and delivery for the Boyne Tannum Aquatic Recreation Centre (BTARC).

The Detailed Design phase is well advanced and progressing towards achieving design completion. Key design elements include (but not limited to):

  • Safety in Design: Bushfire management and BAL risk mitigation solutions
  • Safety in Design: Measures to manage safe access between pool components and recreating zones
  • Waste management planning
  • Design requirements to support food and beverage service
  • Design requirements for the public amenities, kiosk, reception and personnel amenities
  • Development of Environmental Management Plan (including Acid Sulfate Soil investigation and Management Plan)
  • Additional technical investigations to inform civil works, footpath, road and site access design.

Once the Detailed Design phase is completed, Council will proceed to consider its final investment decision on the project in accordance with its Investment Decision Framework Policy.

In February 2023, Council received its invitation to submit to the Australian Government’s Priority Community Infrastructure Program (PCIP) to secure the $15M Australian Labor Government election campaign commitment made towards the BTARC project. Council’s application has been submitted, with a funding agreement anticipated to be issued from November 2023.

Next Steps

Council to consider final investment decision on the project in accordance with its Investment Decision Framework Policy.

Access to a public swimming pool has been identified as one of the highest priority social infrastructure needs for the Boyne Island and Tannum Sands community. The closest public swimming pool is a minimum 25 minutes’ drive to Gladstone. With an unfavourable distance of travel and limited public transport between the urban centres, equitable access to a public swimming pool continues to be an ongoing disadvantage for a community that has a higher composition of families with children, youth, and a projected population growth.

In March 2018, Council resolved to consider options for an aquatic recreation centre to service the area.

Community consultation was undertaken to help shape the Boyne Tannum Aquatic Centre Recreation Feasibility Study which was adopted by Council in January 2019.

In June 2020, after further community consultation and input, a site selection process was undertaken and Council selected Lot 900, Coronation Drive in Tannum Sands as the preferred site.

In March 2022, Council, at its General Meeting adopted the Concept Design proposed, with a focus on providing a facility that can meet both current and future aquatic recreation needs of the community, and includes:

  • 8 lane 50 metre outdoor heated pool
  • Distinct recreational zone
  • Kiosk and general amenities, green space with shaded turf seating areas and spectator embankment
  • All abilities access (pool ramp) and pool shading for sun safety and comfort
  • Carparking and landscaping.

In March 2023, Council, at its General Meeting approved the Material Change of Use Development Application for the Boyne Tannum Aquatic Recreation Centre, securing a key regulatory approval that must be obtained prior to commencing the development.

In April 2023, The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water issued a decision that the BTARC development is not a controlled action and therefore does not require further assessment and approval under the EPBC Act before it can proceed.

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