Project Status

In January 2021, Council engaged GHD to review the 2019 preliminary master plan and develop concept design options for an aquatic recreation facility. This facility would be located on Council’s preferred site at Lot 900, Coronation Drive, Tannum Sands.

The functional brief for this work includes the requirements described in Council resolutions, outcomes of community consultation undertaken in March 2019, and input from subject matter experts, specialists and community stakeholders.

Designing an aquatic recreation facility for a greenfield site is technical in nature and requires collaboration and involvement from a diverse range of expertise.

Detailed engineering analysis, capital and operational cost estimates along with sustainability forecasting are all being undertaken to inform the right design.

The pending design will focus on providing a facility that can meet the aquatic recreation needs of the community. This may include a year-round, multi-use facility to service a diverse group of users, attract economic opportunities and enhance the health and fitness, recreational, tourism and visitor experiences. For these reasons, delivering the current phase of work is a lengthy process.

A concept design report is expected by mid-late January 2022 and will inform a recommendation to Council for consideration. Subject to a Council decision to proceed with the project, the next phase of project development is to submit a development application. Pending approval, Council will then need to decide as to whether to proceed with a detailed design.

Council will be presented with its options at a General Meeting in the first quarter of 2022.

Next Steps

This project is currently in the Select Phase of Council’s Investment Decision Framework (IDF). At completion of the current phase of work (concept design) the project will progress to an investment decision gate which will require an updated business case, revised capital and Life of Asset cost estimates based on a concept design endorsed.

Pending a Council resolution to proceed, Council will:

  • Inform the community of the outcomes of concept design work undertaken.
  • Progress with the development applications process to gain approval for development of an aquatic recreation centre and ensure compliance with State planning guidelines.
  • Should a development approval be granted, investigate capital funding options. Due to the anticipated cost of construction, Council will need to secure external funding to proceed.

Private Aquatic Centre Development

  • Council has received a development proposal to deliver a private aquatic recreation facility and a Development Application has been submitted (Application Number DA/24/2021). As part of this process, the application material is available on PDONline on Council’s website along with all other development applications required to be accessible in the register.
  • Any private development proposal submitted for this project is separate to Council’s role as the developer of the BTARC strategic project.


  • In March 2018 Council resolved to consider options for an aquatic recreation centre in the Boyne Island and Tannum Sands area.
  • Community consultation was undertaken to help shape the Boyne Tannum Aquatic Centre Recreation Feasibility Study which was adopted by Council in January 2019.
  • In June 2020, after further community consultation and input, a site selection process was undertaken and Council selected Lot 900, Coronation Drive in Tannum Sands as the preferred site.

Community Engagement

Preliminary Master Plan