Project Overview

In March 2018 Council resolved to progress investigations into an Aquatic Recreation Centre within the Boyne Island and Tannum Sands area.

The Boyne Tannum Aquatic Centre Feasibility Study (December 2018) was adopted by Council in January 2019 with significant community consultation undertaken subsequent to the release of this Study. In June 2020, Council resolved that the preferred site was Lot 900 Coronation Drive, Tannum Sands.

Work will now progress to Concept Design of the facility to further refine the Preliminary Master Plan and determine staging of the development. Read more about the project on Council's 2 June 2020 General Meeting agenda. Due to the anticipated construction costs, Council's is likely to only proceed with construction if external funds have been secured. There is currently no specific time frame for this project to commence as there is no Council resolution in place to proceed to construction phases.

Community Engagement

Preliminary Master Plan