You are invited to participate in a free, interactive workshop. The workshop is about people-centred approaches to inclusive emergency management in Gladstone. Please pass on this information to people (with disabilities, carers and agencies) you think would benefit from attending a workshop. We are fortunate to have this program facilitated by Michelle Villeneuve who was instrumental in its creation. It is a valuable opportunity for our region and a jointly funded initiative by Gladstone Regional Council under the Commonwealth/State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

At the workshop you will learn about:

  • People-centred approaches to emergency management
  • Factors that increase risk for people with disability in emergencies
  • Strategies to reduce risk and increase the resilience of people with disability to disaster
  • Local community assets that can be shared before, during and after an emergency to keep people safe.
  • Learn about disaster risk from the experiences of people with disability and emergency personnel
  • Receive a hardcopy Person-Centred Emergency Preparedness (P-CEP) Workbook (attached and available online at www.collaborating4inclusion.org/pcep/)
  • Learn about resources you can access online for free to help you prepare for emergencies
  • Make connections with other people in your community who are interested in inclusive emergency management

You will learn from the perspective of people with disability (video-based experiences).

At the beginning and end of the workshop, we will invite you to complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire will assist us in gauging your preparedness and your satisfaction with the workshop, what key things you learned, and what information you require in the future.

To register your interest to attend the sessions, please complete the form below. Due to limited capacity, a confirmation email will be sent to you prior to the workshop session to confirm your registration.